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Sharing Resources to Improve Our Campuses.

Dealing with the challenges of higher education today requires problem-solvers who bring different perspectives and are willing to innovate. Frustrated with the high cost of attending conferences that only leave participants feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, our founder decided to organize a small group of peer campuses administrators to share the cost and burden of compliance intiatives. Independent Colleges & Universities Compliance and Ethics Consortium emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community of higher education administrators focused on building and supporting campus wide compliance, risk management, and ethics programs. Established in 2017, we’re an organization driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support. We believe that innovative best practices should not come at a great cost and rely upon a peer-to-peer network and shared resources to ensure cutting edge compliance on all member campuses.  Contact us to learn more and get involved.

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